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Thank you for visiting this broadcast equipment inventory site.  These pages are filled with broadcast-quality equipment, materials, props, support and other one-of-a-kind oddities that have been collected over 44 years of production throughout the world.  If it is listed here - it works, GUARANTEED.  I am not a dealer.  This equipment has been used meticulously as tools of our trade.  It is not beat-up or thrashed because it has never been rented or abused.  Employees handle this equipment with great care or else they are longer working for our company. 

We have started an entirely new business that is somewhat related for which we no longer have need for all the equipment.  While we are reasonable, this is not a fire sale.  We had a REAL fire sale a few years ago and that was not too much fun, as I recall.

Some of this equipment is old.  Some of it is timeless.  Some of it has disappeared off store shelves.  Remarkably, some of it was used once and in some cases, has yet to be used at all.  If any piece of gear has a problem or a flaw it is spelled out in detail within the description.  There is a variety of equipment posted here including:


lighting equipment                 industry supplies                       cameras                              camera filters

VIDEO RECORDERS            AUDIO RECORDERS                   ANTIQUES                           HARD TO FIND

engineering equipment          terminal equipment                specialized tools                    test equipment

FILM & VIDEO LENSES             PROPS                             OFFICE FIXTURES               EQUIPMENT CASES

monitors                                  speaker systems                    special EFX                            "....and a partridge in a pear tree"!        

All equipment has been kept indoors in a dry, low humidity environment in Reno, Nevada.  Equipment may be inspected here and purchased at our production offices as well as purchased over the phone and shipped to you anywhere in the USA.  Some items we will ship at an additional cost to the buyer.  Other items such as the STAR Dolly and track must be picked-up in Reno because of the hydraulics.

There is a lot of equipment listed here and we will do our best to pull it off as it is sold.  Accordingly, there is no guarantee of availability.  All equipment and articles are sold as is, where it is as used equipment without warranty expressed or implied and items bear no warranty for merchantability.

Additional questions?  We'll do our best to get you the answers.  Enjoy the preview and thanks for looking over our inventory.

Most Sincerely,

Jim Mitchell

PH:  (775) 323-0965